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Lechlade on Thames, otherwise known as Lechlade
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Lechlade in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds

Welcome to the Lechlade web site which contains details on Lechlade accommodation (Lechlade hotel and bed and breakfast information), attractions in the Lechlade area and other information on this Cotswold town.

A river view in Lechlade  

It could be said that Lechlade is very much a river town being, as it is, at the confluence of the Coln, the Leach and the Thames.
It was from Lechlade that the stone, quarried at Taynton, was loaded before setting off for London to build St Paul's Cathedral.

Although the commercial river life has now gone from Lechlade, many still bring life to the river and it is possible to hire small boats from the boatyard near Ha'penny bridge.


Lechlade centres around its Market Square and the wool church just beside it. A fine collection of 17th 19th century buildings overlook the square and the streets that radiate from it - Burford Street, St John Street and High Street.

The church dates from the 15th century when it was built largely from the same quarries at Taynton that later provided the stone for St Paul's Cathedral. The distinctive spire can be seen from miles around the Lechlade area

  Lechlade Church

The Cotswolds in an area of outstanding natural beauty of England and is much visited by torists from home and abroad. Its Cotswold stone buildings, low density of population and history make it a place that you will want to visit again and again.